Untitled Wall Painting (Big Red Jobbie)

Hello, could you tell us a bit about your practice?

I make paintings that explore histories and narratives, real and imagined. The paintings show sites of events, historical, pop-cultural, folkloric, depicted in a style that acknowledges a photographic look but engages with many of the same concerns of abstraction in terms of application, composition etc.


What are you exploring at the moment?

I’m currently in the final stages of my PhD at Newcastle University in partnership with Woodhorn Museum. I’m looking at the legacy of The Ashington Group (aka the Pitmen Painters), how their techniques and materials informed their art education, and making paintings of my own in response.

Untitled Road Painting (Colliery)

Have you found there’s anything in particular that has influenced you over the years? What inspires you?

I’ve got a problem with the word ‘inspires’, to be quite honest. I don’t ever remember being inspired. There are things I think about when making images, and things that might spur me on, or I might enjoy – colour, gesture, speed, history, light…


Where do you work? Could you show us a picture of your working environment?

I work from B&D Studios, in Commercial Union House, in Newcastle city centre.

What’s on your bookshelf/what are you listening to or reading at the moment?

Here Lies the Body by Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert, the latest copy of Turps Banana


Could you give us between ten and twenty words that define your practice?

Painting, drawing, history, stories, formalism, colour, drips, dots, planes, transparency, impasto.

Untitled River Painting (Wansbeck)

Where can people see your work?

May 26th – September 16th my solo exhibition ‘The Ashington Paintings’ will be at Woodhorn Museum, Ashington. I’ll be in a group show at Lewisham Art House, London opening in mid-July, and I have a solo exhibition opening at The Herrick Gallery in London in December as the winner of the 2017 Contemporary British Painting Prize.


Our last featured artist, Robert Bowman, asked “What was the most important decision you made in your artist career?”. Could you answer that question and give us a question to ask our next featured artist?

Answer: To keep going.

Question for the next artist: ‘Who’s doing it right?’


Untitled Wall Painting (Chalk)


All images: Narbi Price