Hello, could you tell us a bit about your practice?

My work incorporates photography and writing, as well as archives of photographs and found objects. I’m interested in how we imagine ourselves and our shared histories – through the images we make, and the stories we tell ourselves.

What are you exploring at the moment?

This is What I See is a solo show at NGCA, Sunderland which shows projects from over the last twenty years of my practice. It includes a new series of photographic prints and writings that has taken three years to realise. ‘A Gardener’s Daughter’ examines our relationship to the land and to flora, as it is experienced in cities, in our own domestic gardens, in resplendent public gardens including that of the National Trust property Wallington, and in ordinary allotments that have allowed people access to green space, to grow their own food, and even to create medicinal flora.

Flowers in the Coffee Pot

Have you found there’s anything in particular that has influenced you over the years? What inspires you?

My influences can be anything from personal events, found objects, to specific artists or books. I’ve been inspired recently by W.G Sebald and the paintings of Howard Hodgkin.

Where do you work? Could you show us a picture of your working environment?

I have a studio at Northern Charter in Newcastle.

Marjolaine’s studio at Northern Charter


What’s on your bookshelf/what are you listening to or reading at the moment?

I’m reading The Salt Path by Raynor Winn – It is a beautiful true story of walking, illness, homelessness and the regenerative power of nature.

Could you give us between ten and twenty words that define your practice?

Photography, Image/Text, Archive, Object, Autobiography, Nature, Family, Interiors, Gardens, Counterculture


Where can people see your work?

At Northern Gallery For Contemporary Art Sunderland from 15th Nov ‘19 – 3rd Feb 20. Also in the Publications “Growing up in The New Age, Daylight 2013 and Villa Mona – a Proper Kind of House, Trace/Cornerhouse 2006

Our last featured artist, Louise Bradley asked, “How have you come to choose the media or materials you work with in your practice?”, could you answer her question please and think of a new one for our next artist?

I think my practice is a way of collecting together the chaotic fragments of my life and my experiences and bringing them together to create a kind of  ‘life archive’. The use of Photography, Text and Objects seems to have been a natural evolution where all of them bring something new and together they become more than the sum of their parts.

My question for the next artist is: “Has the way you make art or the materials you use (or both) changed  in response to our changing climate and the impacts humans are having on our planet?”