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22.10.17 10



    21.10.17 — 16.12.17


    Nina Chua
    Daniel Davies
    Joanne Masding
    Yonatan Vinitsky

    Preview: Friday 20th October, 6pm - 8pm

    Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, and Photography by 4 emerging artists from across the UK.

    Exhibition continues: 21st October - 16th December
    Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm or by appointment

  • 30 Years On – Chernobyl Exposed Main Gallery

    Hartlepool Art Gallery

    09.09.17 — 11.11.17

    The 26:86 Collective includes both established and emerging artists and designers who travelled to Kiev and Chernobyl, Ukraine during the 30th anniversary year of the world’s biggest and most devastating nuclear disaster. Exhibited works were produced in response to the trip highlighting weighty and significant issues around nuclear energy within our communities today. A multi disciplined exhib

  • Saud Baloch ‘Beyond The Shadow of a Doubt’ -Apse Gallery

    Hartlepool Art Gallery

    30.09.17 — 11.11.17

    Saud Baloch was born in Nushki, Balochistan and was trained at Lahore's National College of Arts. Coming from a context in which the denial of truths and conspiracy theories are commonplace, his work counters the fictions masking manifest realities. Beyond The Shadow of a Doubt will bring together large scale drawings with sculptural works which seek to continue this lifelong project.

  • Juan delGado: The Flickering Darkness

    Breeze Creatives

    04.10.17 — 28.10.17


    The three-channel installation The Flickering Darkness serves both to show fragmentation and connection, silence and sound, movement & stillness. Juan delGado accessed Bogotá as a foreigner; he embarked on a journey to explore the city as a living organism that eats, sleeps and has physical needs.

  • Refuge: Ropner’s Ghost Ship by Steve Dixon and Alison Welsh

    Preston Park Museum and Grounds

    03.10.17 — 12.11.17


    The large multi-media sculpture is a response to the Preston Park Museum collections.

    The sculpture will take the ethereal, ghostlike form of a ship, dramatically lit from within, making connections with the shipbuilding legacy of Robert Ropner, Teesside’s maritime trade and its associated industries.

    The project is part of the Meeting Point2 led by Arts&Heritage.

  • This Liberty by Matt Stokes in collaboration with Richard Dawson

    Hexham Old Gaol

    22.08.17 — 08.12.17

    A film and audio installation inspired by the oldest purpose-built prison in England, Hexham Old Gaol.

    Drawing from traditional border ballads, This Liberty consists of five new songs, each telling the story of a different character associated with the 687-year-year-old building.

    The project is part of the Meeting Point2 led by Arts&Heritage.

  • ‘DEM

    The NewBridge Project

    11.09.17 — 30.11.17

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    Ongoing open call - Submissions wanted for a new online residency series, taking place in Sep, Oct and Nov. Looking at the origin of slang, we ask applicants to consider which gangs they belong to and how relationships influence their work. Check the ongoing residency at @i.o.u.a.e on Instagram.
    The project will be made into a Zine with an accompanying exhibition and launch in the new year.

  • Turbo


    14.09.17 — 22.10.17


    SB's ideas for the work centre around his thoughts on the commodification of the working class in the UK and how this translates into pop culture.

    Sam Blackwood (b.1992) has recently been involved in projects such as; Shy Bairns at Caustic Coastal, DVDISDEAD featured Online, The Bookshop at the NGCA, Fig 2 at BALTIC39.

  • Traces

    Holy Biscuit

    06.10.17 — 26.11.17


    A project that opens up conversations about how we respond to death, engage with life as a result of death, and the spiritual and faith dialogues connected to it. The exhibition will commence with two installed works, and will be added to over its duration as a series of events take place: a slow reflective development.

  • Birds want you to listen to their songs


    01.09.17 — 29.10.17

    Contemporary arts duo Juneau Projects, also known as Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler, will exhibit Birds Want You To Listen To Their Songs from 1 September - 29 October. The exhibition features an interactive print kit, viewfinders, prints, sculptures, and print blocks.

    This is the first contemporary arts opportunity at Cherryburn, the birthplace of Thomas Bewick – artist, wood engraver and natur