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Cobalt Studios 2

  • Autumn with Tankus, The Teapad Orchestra and Rob Heron

    Cobalt Studios

    07.10.17 — 07.10.17

    Autumn 2017 will mark a full year of our Cobalt Seasonals. 4 parties a year, one each season part performance, art, live gig, club night. A journey of unexpected moments, music and dance. Low tech, hands on and high colour! Featuring top party bands The Teapad Orchestra and Tankus the Henge, along-side artists film, Crystal Meff, DJ Rob Heron and all compared by Lauren Stone.

  • Seance – All Hallows Evening with Phillipp Oberlohr

    Cobalt Studios

    28.10.17 — 28.10.17

    “Ex-theologist turned illusionist” Philipp Oberlohr turns oracle. Séance is a theatre event. It draws on the tradition of Victorian Séances and the Spiritualist movement. It gently plays with the audience’s beliefs, asks many questions yet refuses to answer any. Séance has toured Europe. Clients include the Barbican Centre, Bompas&Parr, Shunt, The Last Tuesday Society and Mauve-Vienna.