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Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art 3

  • John Kippin: Romanitas

    Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

    19.05.18 — 24.06.18


    In Romanitas, Kippin reflects upon both the state of contemporary politics, in relation to that what WH Auden called the “low, dishonest decade” of the 1930s. In Romanitas Kippin dwells on the image of the future built by a far-right nationalist regime that still exists, to picture the daily life lived amongst it. The work can be read as a kind of portrait of Europe in our time.

  • John Kippin: Based on a True Story Works 1984 ̶ 2018

    Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

    30.06.18 — 23.09.18

    Based on a True Story surveys forty years of making art in public by John Kippin, a central figure in the emergence of photography as an independent art form in the UK from the 1970s and 1980s through to the present day. The exhibition, and the 344pp publication that accompany it, bringing together contributions from nine leading scholars and curators in the field.

  • Kelly Richardson Pillars of Dawn

    Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

    27.10.18 — 02.12.18

    Artist Kelly Richardson has spent three years imagining a world at one remove from our own, working with digital imaging software to create a vision of the near future. ‘Pillars of Dawn’ presents us with what seems to be the dusk of humanity ̶ the sixth great extinction ̶ where only the hardiest of trees seem to survive.